The Iconica Collection

The Iconica Collection by Sapphire Studios Design

This collection was inspired by our love for all things pop culture and anime. All highly customizable, designed with wedding proposals in mind but will also make a unique present.

Each carefully designed to include intricate details and pay tribute to some of our all-time favourites. From feminine Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor inspired designs to today’s modern pop culture classic icons such as unicorns and mermaids. This collection embodies the passion behind the narrative creating one of a kind playful pieces. Iconic designs include our ‘Destiny’ inspired Kingdom Hearts engagement ring or let the force be with you with our legendary inspired Star Wars engagement ring’s.

Our designers start with an idea or theme then skillfully sketch and design to create a truly unique creative concept for each piece. From geeky and nerdy engagement rings to iconic anime and manga that blend creativity and fun, yet elegant wearable works of art.

We only cast in the finest metals. If you are wanting to make changes all rings can be customized to your metal and stones, or design your own ring via our custom service here.

  • sailor-moon-0-55ct-yellow-gold-inspired-sailor-moon-necklace9 (2)

    ‘Crescent Moon’ Sterling Silver Inspired Sailor Moon Necklace

    US $502 US $358
  • sailor-moon-0-55ct-yellow-gold-inspired-sailor-moon-necklace9 (2)

    ‘Crescent Moon’ White/Rose/Yellow Gold Inspired Sailor Moon Necklace

    US $1,173 US $893
  • november-verse-1-20ct-rose-gold-unicorn-ring 12

    ‘November Verse’ White/Yellow/Rose Gold Unicorn Ring

    US $1,308US $2,024
  • harry-potter-0-70ct-diamond-white-gold-ring

    ‘Mystic’ Sterling Silver Ring

    US $631 US $442
  • le-reve-cushion-cut-yellow-gold-mermaid-ring (4) sm

    ‘Le Rêve’ Cushion Cut White/Yellow/Rose Gold Mermaid Ring

    US $1,408US $2,455
  • harry-potter-0-70ct-diamond-yellow-gold-ring

    ‘Mystic’ Natural Diamond White, Rose or Yellow Gold Ring

    US $2,061US $2,624
  • harry-potter-0-70ct-diamond-white-gold-ring

    ‘Mystic’ White, Rose or Yellow Gold Ring

    US $900US $1,405
  • mystic-1-00ct-white-rose-or-yellow-gold-bridal-set

    ‘Mystic’ White, Rose or Yellow Gold Ring Set

    US $1,168US $1,734
  • sacred-3-stone-ring-gold-bridal-set.

    ‘Sacred’ Trio Sterling Silver Ring

    US $721 US $532
  • dragon-ball-z-diamond-white-yellow-gold-ring

    ‘Stars’ Sterling Silver Inspired Dragon Ball Z Ring

    US $559 US $451
  • golden-snitch-rose-gold-winged-harry-potter-ring-benzel

    ‘Wings’ Natural Diamond Gold Two Tone Ring

    US $2,972US $3,733
  • golden-snitch-rose-gold-winged-harry-potter-ring-benzel

    ‘Wings’ Rose/White/Yellow Gold Two Tone Ring

    US $1,126US $1,962