Our St. Ivy ring is perfect for the bride who wants something different and unique. With its detailed design, featuring an exquisite round cut centre with two skulls on each side, surrounded by intricately in-twined vines and cascading stones down the band. Elegant and feminine with underlying gothic influences, truly a work of art.

Until death do us part…



Centre Stone

Natural White Diamond

  • Approx. 0.70ct-0.80ct Natural white diamond, SI2, D-F

Lab White Diamond

  • Approx. 0.70ct-0.80ct Certified lab grown natural white diamond, VS-SI2, D-F

Natural White Diamond GIA

  • Approx. 0.70ct-0.80ct Natural white diamond, VS, D-F


  • Lab grown alexandrite

Side Stones



  • Sterling Silver with Black Skulls

    Most sizes are in stock and ship within 1-3 business days.
    Sterling silver is considered a dress ring suitable for occasional wear.

Optional Wedding Band

  • St. Ivy Band – 10k Gold + Original price was: $439.Current price is: $373.
  • St. Ivy Band – 14k Gold + Original price was: $567.Current price is: $480.
  • St. Ivy Band – 18k Gold + Original price was: $625.Current price is: $531.
  • St. Ivy Band – Platinum + Original price was: $599.Current price is: $511.
  • St. Ivy Band – Sterling Silver + Original price was: $318.Current price is: $268.

Band Stones

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T H E   U N T I L   D E A T H   





Engagement or dress ring

SKU: SI-300





Choose from sterling silver, 10k, 14k, 18k gold or platinum

Skulls black rhodium matte finish





Centre stone round cut approximately 6.00mm

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Side stones 0.40ct created stones or natural white diamond VS-SI2, F-G

Wedding band side stones 0.25ct created stones or natural white diamond VS-SI2, F-G




Most sizes in sterling silver in stock. Gold + platinum custom made to order please allow 10 – 20 business days for manufacture. Three-tone plating (rose accent option) allow 15 – 28 business days.


Black rhodium on silver, gold or platinum appears dark grey to black in colour, the plating process is highly intricate and varies slightly with each application.

The durability of the plating is greatly influenced by individual care and the environmental factors it encounters, such as water, soaps, natural skin oils, and chemicals. It is a temporary coating that can last from days to months or even years, which can be reapplied as part of maintenance or left to expose the metal underneath.





These are flawless synthetic cubic zirconium gemstones that capture the beauty of their natural counterparts, available in many colours.



A flawless silicon carbide stone. With its exceptional hardness, brilliance, and fire comparable to natural diamonds, moissanite represents an economically viable choice that allows you to acquire a stunning, durable gemstone without the high price tag often associated with traditional diamonds. Available in several colour variations.

All Avamore moissanite's come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty certificate of authenticity. Further details can be found here.


Natural white diamonds

Mined from the earth and certified by various laboratories GIA, IGL, EGL, IGI, or DGI.


Natural black diamonds

They share the same chemical composition as white diamonds and are also mined from the earth, they get their black colour from their many inclusions. Black diamonds are considered a lower grade of diamond and come uncertified.


Lab grown white diamonds

These stones share the same chemical composition, visual characteristics, longevity and durability as natural diamonds; however they are not mined but grown and cultivated in a controlled laboratory environment.

Our lab grown diamonds are real genuine diamonds that come certified where indicated.


Natural gemstones

We offer natural gemstones including Amethyst, Citrine, Garnet, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Morganite, Peridot, Topaz, Aquamarine and Tourmaline. Plus many more...


Lab grown gemstones

These stones are grown using a crystallisation process, they share similar chemical compositions to the natural gemstone they represent, however are more affordable.



View our full collection on our stones page.




We cast in premium hypoallergenic solid sterling silver, gold and platinum alloys. All items are hallmarked and free from any allergens such as nickel.

Multi gold or colour tone options such as white + rose gold and black accents, is typically a combination of coloured base metals and plating. See item description.