‘Luna De Saturno’ 0.15ct Mens Gold Skull Wedding Band – Choose your metal and stones

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By Sapphire Studios


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ID# W-700-19
Payment plans available 


Men’s band with three skulls and 0.15ct channel set stones – set in your choice of gold and stones


Metal choose from: 

White gold – available in solid 10k, 14k or 18k 

White gold with black rhodium – available in solid 10k, 14k or 18k 

Rose gold – available in solid 10k, 14k or 18k 

Rose gold with black rhodium – available in solid 10k, 14k or 18k 

Yellow gold – available in solid 10k, 14k or 18k 



0.15ct x8 channel set round cut 

Stones choose you stones in drop down box

Stones lab created 


Custom made please allow 2-3 weeks for manufacture 

Most rings can be customised – Please contact us for details 

Black rhodium gold or silver rings are not fully black, rings will be somewhat grey in color.
Black rhodium on gold or silver can wear off in frequent contact with soaps, perfumes etc. Will wear off through a period of time giving the ring an exclusive look by exposing the gold or silver underneath. 





Lab created stones – these are not natural earthed diamonds which are very expensive. SWAROVSKI Gemstones™ is a leader in producing synthetic gemstones that possess a very natural beauty. The stones are laboratory-grown made from zirconium dioxide – cz base, that boast fine colour, no colour mixing, and a superb cut, which result in a beautiful duplication of nature. 100% conflict free stones. These are not carbon stones these are a cz created stones and are very hard, heat resistant, and reflect light just like a diamond.


Natural white diamonds – certified GIA, IGL, EGL, or DGLA. Stones guaranteed and certified. Natural black diamonds come guaranteed and with an authenticity certificate.


Charles and Colvard Forever One certified moissanite – More brilliant than diamond at a fraction of the cost, Charles & Colvard Forever One Moissanite® is among the hardest minerals on earth, more durable than sapphire, ruby, or emerald. Its beauty and brilliance is destined to last forever. We only use top graded Forever One Moissanite® with color grading of D-E-F. Forever One® is certified, laser inscribed and comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Forever One Moissanite is certified by Charles and Colvard – each stone comes with a warranty card.


Natural Gemstones – we offer natural gemstones including Amethyst, Citrine, Garent, Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Morganite, Peridot, Topaz, Aquamarine and Tourmaline. Plus many more..


Alexandrite is the very rare color-change variety of the mineral chrysoberyl. Colours change from blue to teal green and purple. Originally discovered in Russia’s Ural Mountains in the 1830s, it’s now found in Sri Lanka, East Africa, and Brazil, but is exceptionally rare and valuable. Our Alexandrite’s are lab grown,  the material is completely the same as best varieties of the natural Alexandrite – Russian, Brazilian or Rhodesian. Natural Alexandrite is extremely rare and more expensive than even diamonds, especially bigger carats stones.


The hydrothermal growth process is a slow process. This requires heat and pressure imitating the conditions deep in the earth that result in the formation of natural gems.


We cast in solid sterling silver, gold and platinum. All metals are hallmarked. Gold and platinum come with authenticity certificate. Any mentions of accents are a plating and will wear.

Sapphire Studios is proud to offer all our customers the option of setting up a payment plan – let us help you purchase your dream ring.

We offer flexible payment plans across our entire collections of fine jewellery over a 1 to 4 month term.

It couldn’t be easier to set up, just select ‘payment plan’ at checkout as your preferred payment method, you will then be prompted to select your preferred monthly term and pay a deposit of at least 30% which is required before manufacturing begins.

Recurring payments are then deducted on the same day every month from when your order was placed, you can also view your scheduled instalments or pay the total remaining balance at any time.

Your order will be shipped the next business day after payments have been completed.


  1. Ally

    The ring has beautiful craftmanship, was as described and came with paperwork which was great.
    We got both of our rings from Sapphire Studios and we are very pleased after searching online for so long. We did want traditional rings.
    The packaging was gorgeous – a beautiful box and ring boxes.
    Thank you for the perfect wedding rings!

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