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An Alice In Wonderland inspired perfume that includes garden floral scents with notes of innocence and fantasy. As captivating as the original story, this perfume will inspire your own journey and imagination sending you right into Wonderland...


The showpiece bottle featuring Alice is designed and hand-painted in our studios accompanied in a beautiful custom box. Ships in 1-2 business days.


Eau De Parfum 1oz/30ml

US $129


Description: A feminine floral perfume with light citrus notes, juicy blackberry and dreamy vanilla orchid, leading to delicate white jasmine and freshly cut roses with hints of pepper and camellia. With seamless base notes of musky amber.

-Vegan, never will we tested on animals 🐇

Top Notes: Bergamot, Lemon, Blackberry, Clementine, Vanilla Orchid

Middle Notes: Jasmine, Rose Buds, Pepper, Camellia

Base Notes: Musk, Amber

Pink camellia flower element. Lush spring blossom and green leav
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the showpiece bottle features alice,
is hand-painted and accompanied
in a beautiful custom box