Sapphire Studios Sailor Moon Collection Photoshoot

Anime, Gamer and Geeky Engagement Rings

By Sapphire Studios | September 9, 2018

Anime, Gamer and Geeky Engagement Rings So, looks like you’ve traveled through the Middle Kingdom, defeated your foes and finally found your perfect match. Well it’s time to use the force and set out on another quest: finding the perfect ring that’s tailored to your love’s taste.   The Iconica Collection by Sapphire Studios Design is full of geeky engagement rings that would complement any anime/gamer/ science fiction obsession. If you and your Player 2 have a passion beyond the make-belief of the fantasy narratives,…

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By Sapphire Studios | November 15, 2016

STONES Lab created stones – these are not natural earthed diamonds which are very expensive. SWAROVSKI Gemstones™ is a leader in producing synthetic gemstones that possess a very natural beauty. The stones are laboratory-grown made from zirconium dioxide – cz base, that boast fine colour, no colour mixing, and a superb cut, which result in a beautiful duplication of nature. 100% conflict free stones. These are not carbon stones these are a cz created stones and are very hard, heat resistant, and reflect light just…

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