Anime, Gamer and Geeky Engagement Rings

So, looks like you’ve traveled through the Middle Kingdom, defeated your foes and finally found your perfect match. Well it’s time to use the force and set out on another quest: finding the perfect ring that’s tailored to your love’s taste.


The Iconica Collection by Sapphire Studios Design is full of geeky engagement rings that would complement any anime/gamer/ science fiction obsession. If you and your Player 2 have a passion beyond the make-belief of the fantasy narratives, The Iconica Collection is the perfect choice for you.

Each anime ring is carefully crafted with the finest metals to display intricate details that pay tribute to some of the top all-time-fan-favourite series.

When two people fall in love it’s a beautiful thing, not only are two hearts coming together, but two fandoms are united in an epic quest – it’s like a never-ending crossover episode.


Finding inspiration from series like Star Wars and Sailor Moon to fantasy themes like mermaids and unicorns, the luxury and elegance is not lost in each stunning piece of quality jewellery.


Each geeky engagement ring respectively strikes a harmonious balance between the nerdy and fun creativity of fandom merchandise, and the beautiful elegance of a traditional engagement ring. Each piece is constructed to be a truly unique work of wearable art.

Each piece is fully customisable. Whether you choose to tailor a style from The Iconica Collection or request a completely unique design of your own, the possibilities are truly endless.

You can choose from an array of metals and stones to make an exclusive piece of jewellery to fit your own unique tastes. With a theme or an idea from the client, in-house designers skillfully sketch each custom vision and craft a fancifully adorned piece of jewellery.


The wide variety of choices also translates into the versatility of this line. Although this collection was inspired by the ultimate nerdy proposal, this line goes far beyond just engagement rings.


Choose from several necklaces and rings that can easily double as an epic geeky gift. Any selection from this line is sure to wow the special person in your life.


View our full Iconica Collection for anime and pop culture inspired jewellery



Sailor Moon Ring


Destiny Kingdom Hearts Inspired Ring


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